Chit Chat Place is a brand-new design restaurant dedicated to the best use of energy and environmental protection. The entire restaurant adopts an environmentally friendly energy cooking system to make all diners and friends feel at home. Do not forget to indulge in a friendly atmosphere when dining. Optimize outdoor air to the extreme, perfect for goodness and beauty!

「Full Power Automation 」

Our cooking system is a leading electrical automation design in Hong Kong. Special design for energy saving and carbon reduction.

「No Fire Cooking」

Cooperate with smart technology. The kitchen works much cooler.

「Air Purification System」


「Alkaline Water」

除了專注食材選料上乘之餘,會館更嚴控用水的規格,配合不同層次鹼性水的發揮 (Ph值8.5至9.9)。務求精心為各貴客及嘉賓揉合泡掣鹼性水資源的美妙角色於特色佳餚,美食,燉湯,及咖啡等等

「Special Indoor Air Treatment」

餐廳內的室內空氣質素,例如可吸入懸浮粒子(PM10及PM2.5) ,甲醛,細菌,總揮發性有機化合物,等等… 淨化方式包括『源頭』以空氣淨化系統及『後續』以高鹼性值 Ph12.5 水作整體設計藍本。