Tailor-made Order

In response to the Covid19 epidemic, Chit Chat Place now offers customized Chinese and Western Cuisine packages so that all food lovers can continue to enjoy our fine cusinie without leaving home. You can choose to come to our restaurant to pick it up, or use our chargeable meal delivery service for your order.

吹 牛 會 館
Combining delicious and environmental friendly cooking concepts
A Premium Tasting for Cuisine
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Chit Chat Place

Delicious ‧ Healthy ‧ Environmental
Private Chinese and Western high-end catering services

Chit Chat Place is specializes in providing
– High-end creative Chinese and Western cuisine –
– local private customized catering services –

Welcome to make an appointment and taste our exquisite dishes.

I am not bragging!
Delicious food isn’t came from cooking!
It’s came from combination!

When delicious food meet a right person
and a right person meet a right idea
This make our ….

Chit Chat Place – New Cuisine